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Cranberry egg biscuit] tissue paper machine extremely favored oil free biscuits

Many friends of biscuits resist, because oil is too heavy, flaky biscuits do not know that there are many non-oily but delicious too. For example, the Road Cranberry egg biscuit, did not add a drop of oil, add the dried cranberries, rich taste, make up the simple egg biscuit chewing in the mouth dry deficiencies. Road cookies do this the key must be cooked through, not cooked through, then there will be crisp edges, soft in the middle, there is a situation when you broke off from cookies on baking sheet there is residual, which is part not baked. So the batter put the cranberry pieces after back slightly push with a tissue paper machine  spoon, to achieve uniform batter thickness. Just do not wait out the cold grilled, first Sen and daughter on a wait gesture, people laughing, but also satisfied.
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[Cranberry] egg biscuit


Ingredients: 2 eggs, low-gluten flour 100g, dried cranberries 20g, granulated sugar 35g, baking powder 1g

Oven: temperature 170 degrees, 10 minutes

1, prepare the required ingredients, minced dried cranberries;
2, egg-free oil and water is added to the bowl, and beat until a rich lather appears with an electric mixer;
3. Add half of the granulated sugar and continue beating until the volume slowly expanded, then add the other half of caster sugar, beating until early egg head, egg, unbroken flow into the bowl;
4, sub-sub sieve into flour and baking powder, from the bottom up with a spatula to turn mixed with egg all mixed flour;
5, turn the batter into the marinated Decorating bag Decorating bags squeeze a small mouth, squeeze batter the oven;

6, cranberry pieces evenly sprinkle the surface of the batter, pressing lightly with a spoon at the back;
7. Preheat the oven at 170 degrees for 10 minutes, then into the oven.

[Cranberry] egg biscuit extremely favored oil-free biscuits

Sui Suinian:
1, making this road biscuits, flour, egg yolk biscuits in comparison, the increase in the volume, so to join graded added in one easy defoaming;

2. Add the baking powder can make up egg defoaming make tissue paper machine  cookies taste more crisp;
3, pass the egg need to be placed in dry, oil-free container, otherwise it is difficult to pass;
4, into the post-dried cranberries, slightly push back with a spoon so that the thickness of the batter evenly in the oven can heat evenly and avoid the edges crisp, soft in the middle of the phenomenon.