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A biscuit alleged abuse of biscuit machine food additives

Mr. Jiang to buy a biscuit food at a supermarket in Hefei, then,  biscuit machine Mr. Jiang found that the cookies contain additives, "polyglycerol esters castor" alleged irregularities abuse of food additives. Accordingly, Mr. Jiang will someone supermarket to court and ask for compensation for shopping times in the paragraph. Reporters learned today from the Luyang District Court has accepted the case, and arrange for the recent trial.
biscuit machine
April 30 this year, Mr. Jiang is located four miles River Road North Second Ring Road and the intersection of a supermarket to buy milk flavored cookies coating called a "Mai Kashi Ville" is. The unit price of 3.5 yuan biscuits, Chiang time purchase of 16 boxes, a total of 65 yuan.

Later, Jiang found that this cookie containing additive "castor polyglycerol esters." It is understood that, "polyglycerol esters castor" belongs to emulsifiers, stabilizers. Early in 2013, the country will have the media, a well-known brand of biscuits food suspected of illegal use of such additives. Chiang then consult the "national food safety standards of food additives using standard" and found that the additive "castor polyglycerol esters" does not cover the use of cookies food, which means that he purchased this alleged illegal use of food biscuits food additives.

So, Mr. Jiang paper petition supermarket selling the cookies to court 10 times the compensation claims and  biscuit machine ask for car travel and a loss of fees losses 1,200 yuan. It is reported that, Luyang Court has accepted the case, and arrange for the recent trial.