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Gave family's health foodbiscuit machine regardless of the river monkey biscuits

Now people celebrate the festival very much, both traditional festivals, but also Western festivals. Near the festival, people will send exactly what distressed to family and friends. In fact, health is the most worthwhile investment, especially stomach health. Jiang Group launched Regardless monkey biscuits can stomach, it can be sent to family and friends healthy food choice.

Regardless monkey biscuits = health food ≠ drugs

Perhaps many young people have Hericium stomach felt strange. But for the life experience, to take care of the family daily diet of mothers who, Hericium is simply to take care of a healthy human stomach treasure. "Chinese Materia Medica" records, hericium sweet natured, Lee five internal organs, easy to stomach, aid digestion. Modern medical clinical trials have demonstrated that amino acids and polysaccharide hericium can play  biscuit machine an important role in the regeneration and repair of gastric epithelial help protect the stomach. According to statistics, Hericium used to treat stomach ulcers, indigestion, gastritis effective rate of 86.6%.
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So this cookie contains sufficient Hericium, is a healthy food, and not the same as ordinary biscuits. But it can not replace the stomach, it can not be linked to the drug. For long-term population afflicted by the stomach, or consult a doctor as soon as possible for the better. And this Stomach Regardless monkey biscuits can say it is a preventive help cause stomach everyday.

System Stomach non-overnight

Stomach culprit is usually wrong eating behavior, including: meal time is short, eat and do other things (such as online chat, reading books, playing games), no time to eat three meals a day, each meal to eat very support, and often other than to sell, instant noodles, as a staple food and so on.

Another major causes of stomach is stress, nervousness, irregular work and rest. Therefore, early hours, develop regular habits, mood regulation are important.

All along, the river groups are encouraged to stomach as a lifetime career, and  biscuit machine convenient, "the morning to eat a little, eat a little in the afternoon," the monkey biscuits Regardless carry, can be the cause of the stomach is the preferred portable companion.