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Cookies can not let go of biscuit machine expensive Stomach

Recently, Lee stomach discomfort due to buy a "river mushroom monkey biscuits," found that after eating the same as with ordinary biscuits. Lee believes that the product is not health care products are not drugs, are misleading propaganda, it sued the supermarket,  biscuit machine food producer Jiangxi party food Square Chinese food companies, advertising spokesman Xu Jinglei defendant. Recently, the Beijing Haidian Court accepted the case.
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"Cookies Stomach" is science or myth? This problem, if food safety and quality supervision departments to dessert, perhaps out without consumers' claims to possess supernatural "the. Right now, all over the Consumer Protection Committee of public interest litigation can concern to the phone's pre-installed software, naturally can not let go of expensive "Stomach cookies": First, the scientific name the second is for the rule of law model. biscuit machine  Monkey mushroom biscuit whether caused by fat snacks are strong, or is it a good way to save the stomach, may wish to take the opportunity of the proceedings, to give consumers a clear answer.