Biscuit production line

Bake their own cookies is biscuit machine especially delicious

On Sunday morning, nine positive and creative industrial park was very busy, Riverside Elementary School sophomore visited nine positive industrial park full three-dimensional multi-purpose hall and museum.
biscuit machine
As one of the 2015 Teen Zone CAST recognized science demonstration bases, Hangzhou nine positive experience base science museum kitchen appliances to send to the children biscuit machine of full-time staff of nine male patient presented history of home appliances and products, but also orchestrated the "Make animal crackers" practice.

Under the guidance of teachers, students have hands-on, there is a kind of mold with a stirrer dozen eggs, and flour, will bring a good batter pushed the oven pan, and soon, a vivid, colorful animal crackers appear in pan on. Students under the careful guidance of instructor, the pan into the oven and adjust the temperature and time. Taste produce their own cookies when you feel the taste particularly good.

Development Association for the relevant person in charge of the experience activities are an important part of enterprise Science and Technology Week 2015 science  biscuit machine activities.