Biscuit production line

Mind full of handmade biscuit machine crackers delicious biscuits will greet people

The handmade biscuit cake gift from honey will last Spring Festival has a limited launch several weeks, did not expect extraordinary reaction, throughout the year, "repeat" when asked again listed.    biscuit machine   Stores to meet customer demand, the National Express up handmade pie. It is reported that, as of now, there are already companies from the Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other regions, thousands of handmade bread personal reservations.

Handmade is king
 biscuit machine
Guangzhou has always been repairing New Year's tradition, honey will launch "would be greeting handmade cookies" to allow more people to share the taste of time. The so-called "Time of taste", not only in respect of natural materials gives a unique taste, but also because each piece of biscuit is the master hand. In "hazelnut biscuits" for example, you have to bake a beginning, before setting master knife slicing into the furnace.

Inlet sweet and high flour ingredients different traditional American cookies, honey will stick butter cake handmade high ratio, in order to get the best taste. Hand is well known that the most important material biscuit butter, stores with 100% imported New Zealand butter, although higher than the average cost of a lot of butter, the taste was able to maintain its quality. In addition,  
biscuit machine   unlike the market frequently shelf life of six months, by preservatives and additives cookies a year to maintain, handmade biscuit shop insist on not add any preservatives, the shelf life of only a short period of 15 days, is intended to present the most natural ingredients taste.