Biscuit production line

Children pick up on the zebra crossing biscuit machine made biscuits mother raised eight fights complain sentence

When a child crossing the street, cookies out on the road, passing the emergency brake before the driver avoid accidents. Originally the midst of sadness, but just made a complaint because the two sides do this actually fight.

14 at 10 am, people with children, combining Li Li, biscuit machine  eat out of the hotel, in the Chaoyang Road through a zebra crossing, powerful cookies fall on zebra crossing.
biscuit machine
When Li Li with the powerful to pick up zebra biscuits, suddenly found a car being galloped over, fortunately, Li Li and powerful cars in the distance, less than one meter stopped. Although I am not scared, but fortunately near misses.

It had also considered the midst of sadness. After pick up cookies, Li Li with the powerful through the zebra crossing, facing the driver made a sentence complaints.

Although the car is stopped, but the driver Zhang also spooked. "I did not say anything, but rather she was impatient!" See Li Li toward you complain, Zhang gas does not make one, the two sides together in front of the child's face curse.

Worried that they suffer, Li Li immediately to the hotel to eat is strong father Zhao call, quickly Zhao took four people rushed to the scene.

Zhang two friends in the car, worried Zhang suffer, Zhang began to help the two sides fight together eight people in the rain. Passers call alarm call, Chaoyang Road police station immediately rushed to the scene to separate the two sides.

Yesterday morning, biscuit machineChaoyang Road police station after investigation, the parties involved in the fight, according to law penalties.