Biscuit production line

A delicious homemade cookies flower-shaped biscuit machine double taste

  biscuit machine
  Sandwich the name suggests is in two biscuit machine sandwiching a filling material, usually jam or butter, its approach is called from Linz in northern Austria, where, so its name is Linzer Cookie (biscuit). The biscuits, made with a mold shaped hollow center, increasing the childlike sense of shape. If you like biscuits, then die like this at home more prepared some of the same ingredients, the slightest change in shape, let it become exquisite beauty, you will be able to increase it a lot of goodwill it!
Flower-shaped biscuits
Low-gluten flour 110g, almond powder 50g, granulated sugar 70g, eggs 25g, butter 70g, jam right amount
1, the first low-gluten flour, almond powder, sugar and mixing evenly with a spatula;
2, softened butter, stir in the flour, mixing until all integration;
3, then mix in the eggs, mixing into the dough;
4, mixing the dough with plastic wrap and refrigerated 30 minutes;
5, refrigerated dough, spread the surface with plastic wrap, roll with a rolling pin to a thickness of about 0.3cm;
6, with a flower-shaped mold is pressed;
7, pan shop greaseproof paper, press dough, neatly arranged on a baking sheet;
8, the oven temperature to 165 degrees, the time eight minutes, after preheating, into the oven;
9, after the baked cookies remove and let cool, bottom smear jam, two biscuit machine will bond together.