Biscuit production line

Unarmed black workshop biscuit machine production of Breast biscuit making high prices

Easy processing of small cakes, put on after the beautiful  biscuit machine packaging, it would have, "Feng Ting shaping" feature upscale cookies. Recently, Yantai Muping Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers banned the black workshop.
 biscuit machine
Recently, Muping Branch Trade and Industry received the report, there is an underground village MUPING unlicensed dens in pastry processing. Law enforcement officers rushed to the scene and found the dens located in a street of houses, an area of ​​about 40 square meters, there are two food ovens, vacuum packing machines and raw materials for processing two 6 barrels. House food processing environment is extremely bad, the panel is a patchwork of the old tables and floor coverings, Cookie large group heap material is bunched up in the corner of the chopping board, with desktop and plaster rub together, processing personnel are unarmed Jiuxia piece block "dough" stuffed into the mold to finalize it. Not far piled panel flour, oil drums, funnels and other equipment, on drums rinsing basin full of white dirt, stale, disgusting. Biscuit molding dozen boxes piled to the side, emitting a characteristic pungent chemical odor. In the corner of the biscuit production site stacked "oatmeal cookies breast", "papaya oat biscuits," "oat biscuits SJ" and many other bags, printed bags are a significant position on the "Feng Ting shaping", " Suggested retail price 98 yuan, "and the word part of the promotional effect of breast.

After investigation, the premises neither health permits, and no business   biscuit machine   license. Law enforcement officers on its four food processing machines, more than 20 boxes (barrels) Biscuits raw materials and finished products packaged cookies all be withheld by law.