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Soda crackers to eat when biscuit machine the stomach stomach it

Today, many old people love to eat crackers, soda crackers  biscuit machine to eat because of that can treat stomach, have stomach effect, it is for this reason, so many parents love to buy crackers to feed their children, but really crackers have Stomach the other? Soda crackers to eat when the stomach stomach it?

Soda crackers which contains an ingredient is sodium bicarbonate, this ingredient can neutralize stomach acid, so if there are symptoms of heartburn when eating it can indeed inhibit gastric acid hypersecretion. But we absolutely do not think so amazing.
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Eat soda crackers will fat?

In fact, soda crackers and gastric acid efficacy and general bread buns is not much difference,  biscuit machine  if you want to inhibit gastric acid, it might as well eat the toast baked bread, can also protect the stomach, and crackers contain very large amounts of fat, more but eating can lead to obesity problem.