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Baoding Quyang 14 high school students biscuit machine suspected of eating poisoned biscuits

May 13, Baoding Quyang Lingshan Korean  biscuit machine  Village Middle School students occurrence of food poisoning, a total of 14 students hospitalized in stable condition. After investigation, the incident due to suspected eating expired cookies, crackers current sales person in charge of a small shop has been controlled.
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    May 13 at 4 pm, Quyang County Second Central Hospital admitted 14 in succession from the Han Village Lingshan county high school students. These students were nausea admission obvious symptoms of food poisoning, abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting. Then the hospital for food poisoning 14 students were symptomatic treatment, his condition has now stabilized.

    After the incident, the county disease control, health, business and other departments to quickly intervene. After a preliminary investigation, the poisoning of students at noon that day were purchased from a small shop in the school over the promotion of a brand of biscuits. After the store with the remaining batch of cookies survey found that are past their expiry date. The store official said, the same day the batch had been expired biscuits Cheap promotional packages sold a total of 18, biscuit machine mostly Korean village secondary school students to purchase. Currently, the store has been archived remaining crackers, and samples were sent to Baoding test.