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Drugs hidden biscuit box biscuit machine checked buyers get caught being a courier

Buyers pay online, the seller will send the goods by courier,  biscuit machine the online shopping patterns no particular place, but the novelty is that some people have put it to use in the drug trade. Recently, Hedong District People's Procuratorate of illegal possession of narcotics prosecution together, Hedong District People's Court sentenced Zhang according to the law.
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30-year-old Tianjin boy Zhang, 17 years old found guilty of robbery, theft, was sentenced to twelve years, in September 2009 released from prison. After his release, Zhang has not found a permanent job, after actually playing the sale of drugs "small thinking." March 2, 2014, Zhang through networking to a Guangdong man Ryu buy more than 300 grams of drugs in drug money to pay for online transfer 19,000 yuan. The next day, Liu will be installed in several circular iron drugs biscuit box by SF Express shipping from Guangdong to Tianjin. March 4, Zhang learned that the drug has been to Tianjin, to be safe, they express it refers to the city's unsuspecting friend Wang Nankai Area SFExpress company is equipped to take drugs. Unexpectedly, Wang is not just wait for delivery, as well as the east branch of the public security police. Police arrested Wang on the spot and seized two circular iron boxes of cookies to check in the box, there are four bags of white crystals, tablets of red tablets, five dark red tablets. After identification, the crystal, tablets weighing 302.14 grams, were detected methamphetamine ingredients. After Zhang was arrested, brought to trial according to law, illegal possession of drugs Zhang was sentenced to eleven years imprisonment and fined 20,000 yuan.

It turned out that in the early Zhang liaison buy drugs online, their criminal behavior was found the public, through the public telephone anonymously, police officers deployed ahead of schedule, the first time the criminals arrested.biscuit machine In this case, the public prosecutor prompt, drugs bring social and human indelible pain, we must put an end to the concept of drug awareness from crime in an attempt to reap benefits by drugs and paranoia unnoticed is impossible.