Biscuit production line

Hangzhou 27-year-old woman Maserati send biscuit machine to help save cost her husband hired driver

biscuit machine 
A girl driving a Maserati send DIY biscuits machine, stick to their hobby. Happiness is not able to be measured by money.
85,100,000 hotline Lvjia Rong: through friends, "rainbow pony" Contacts to open Maserati DIY cookies sent a small promise, 27-year-old, full-time wife.
"A friend said I baked dessert is play, because they know my family's economic status can also hear them say, I quite stricken." Little Xu said, in fact, "Maserati" the spread, in fact, a casual.
"I remember one time I went to the west is bringing cake, shoving open the Maserati family. I made an appointment at the bus stop to see the guests, to the future, to the guests a telephone call, he asked me what car I said, 'white car , playing a double jump lights. 'I did not say car brand, afraid people listened to the idea guests asked,' Are you sure you do not open the wrong place! The station was only a Maserati '. I had to answer,' it is open Maserati 'guests to see my moment, a look of surprise. "
Little Xu never thought to do business, a person making a biscuit machine, a day till night eleven, twelve, family members said she was too tired.
Let her stick to it, it is a baby of someone's home.