Biscuit production line

Jiang Kou monkey biscuits stomach biscuit machine cultivation choice

Speaking of "river" word, we are most familiar is its star product, "Jiang brand Jianweixiaoshi film", the river has always insisted intentions to do stomach experts in the field of consumer policy requirements for the launch the "Jiang Kou monkey biscuits" and get all the praise in the short term, then,  biscuit machine regardless of whether the monkey biscuits advantage lies where?
biscuit machine
In our daily life, the market is always filled with endless biscuits, cheese butter blend into which accounted for the majority, when they were hungry to quickly fill our stomachs, but also to our stomach to digest a heavy The burden is the case, Jiang launched a monkey biscuits Regardless, using the most primitive ecological materials "monkey-head" as the main ingredient.

"Hericium" as an ingredient, but also medicine, since ancient times, we have doctors China Li mentioned hericium sweet natured, favorable internal organs, helps digestion, nourishing the body and other effects in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", it is precisely hedgehog This warm but not dry mushroom health tonic herbs, in the river with the consumer launch of a new concept of the desired therapeutic products "Regardless monkey biscuits," and ensure that contains up to 11% percent of the monkey Regardless extract out of the nutritional essence, to ensure the effectiveness and value for money, to get the favor of consumers.

The river for the different groups to meet needs, office work overtime nervous dog busy, no time eating blue-collar, white-collar workers, students and remedial learning nervous stomach ailments groups, humane independent small package design, easy to carry, it is recommended to eat in the morning, at noon to eat a little, eat a little at night, snack meals modes to achieve the effect the health of the stomach, the small hunger when food, small tea time in the afternoon to eat, watch TV food, diet cookie so convenient, biscuit machine  who does not like?