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Crackers relieve biscuit machine stomach pains

Relieve stomach remedies, stomach pain almost the majority of office workers plagued disease, in overtime, you can always find uncomfortable colleagues around the stomach. Office workers, what could save his stomach health? A packet of soda  biscuit machine crackers are not you relieve stomach remedies?

Relieve stomach remedies

When the stomach attack can eat yeast, eating soda crackers because they are alkaline, can neutralize stomach caused by stomach acid. This is consistent with the principle of stomach, which can treat stomach problems.
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Positive Solutions upset stomach

PH value of eating alkaline foods really can ease stomach pain, but nothing more, and not treat stomach problems, as well as allow the possibility of rebound acid increased.

Experts believe that yeast powder, soda, soda crackers alkaline PH value, belongs to the weak alkaline food, really can neutralize stomach acid. If the patient has been diagnosed with stomach problems, acid reflux, when stomach can eat this point temporarily ease the discomfort, but they can not treat stomach.

Alkaline food can relieve stomach pain

If recurrent stomach pain, the hospital must identify the causes and treatment system. As a result, the stomach can cause stomach gastric ulcer, gastritis, functional dyspepsia, etc., and their treatment, use of drugs vary; secondly, stomach cancer also have stomach pain symptoms, blind to eat yeast powder, baking soda, although symptoms It can relieve, but delay disease treatment. "Middle-aged patients should beware of this situation." She said. In addition, pancreatic disease, gallbladder disease dirty, angina can be manifested as stomach pain, blind thought "stomach is the stomach" will delay treatment.

The principle is that the stomach 'alkali-acid', and gastric acid are wrong. Experts say that although the early stomach acid neutralizer is indeed, as Weishuping, but this type of stomach has been eliminated. Because can cause rebound, let gastric acid secretion more, stomach pain more severe risk. Stomach treatment be based on conditions corresponding process, the current clinical use of stomach drugs inhibit gastric acid secretion, kill H. pylori drugs, prokinetic drugs, protection of mucosal protective agents and so on.

Calcium stimulate stomach acid primer

Many patients know not to eat too sour sweet, but do not know calcium-rich foods will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid.

Sweets can stimulate gastric acid secretion, increased stomach pain, acid reflux; there are a lot of patients with stomach gastric mucosal injury, the food is too acid will corrode the mucous membranes, it will also increase the discomfort. So, how do patients with stomach to eat yogurt and sour fruit? Pang Chunmei proposal, stomach patients do not fasting to eat sweet and sour to eat, change in eating a meal to reduce stomach irritation. If the stomach being in pain, Acid NOW Chung temporarily not to eat.

"Milk can Huwei" argument is popular, Pang Chunmei remind, high calcium content of milk, but will stimulate gastric acid secretion caused by stomach pain, a lot of people eat calcium to stomach pain, precisely for this reason.  biscuit machine So like a glass of milk one day, do not "cattle drink" after meal can also reduce stomach irritation. If there are patients with stomach calcium needs, you can choose the class of calcium calcium preparation under the guidance of doctors.

Chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease is easy to relapse. Therefore, patients must learn to stomach. Do not eat too much, eating before going to bed is a bad habit, easily lead to increased gastric acid secretion at night. Excessive eating spicy food, smoking, drinking will stimulate the stomach. In addition, there morning and evening temperature is low, to change clothes timely with climate change, anti-stomach cold caused stomach upset。