Biscuit production line

Dongguan a number of biscuit machine substandard imported biscuits have been destroyed

Recently, Dongguan, Inspection and Quarantine destroyed a number of substandard imported biscuits. Batch of cookies originating in China Taiwan, a total of three flavors, 3628.08 kilograms, inspection and quarantine staff in the verification  biscuit machine of information found in which a batch of cookies compound ingredient hydrogenated vegetable oil added a single, double glycerol fatty acid ester, according to " national food safety standards of food additives using standard "(GB2760-2011) requirements, hydrogenated vegetable oils can not add a single, double glycerol fatty acid ester. Final Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Dongguan beyond the scope of use of food additives in order to determine the batch of biscuits failed, and do destruction.
biscuit machine
Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds Dongguan import food companies, not only of imported food should comply with food safety standards, and the compound ingredient used in foods should comply with food safety standards.

Also remind consumers of food imports through formal channels should have Chinese labels, including food name, net contents, date of production (filling date), ingredients, origin and domestic agent name,biscuit machine address and contact information, etc. , to avoid buying food imported without the normal way.