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Ability to identify poor children mistook biscuit machine mosquito when cookies

WASHINGTON Recently, 252 hospital emergency department admissions of an electric  biscuit machine mat eating children, fortunately eating small doses, no serious health of children.
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Little (a pseudonym) is only two years old, her parents live in the countryside. June 4, little grandparents working in the garden, little one person playing in the house. After a child, my grandmother entered the room to get something and saw the grandson holding hands something to eat and asked:? "What little you eat it," Grandma said as he came to view, enlightened look scared one hop, original kids ate electric mat. Can the frightened grandmother, her vexation asked: "? The small ancestors, why did not you eat this" child shyly replied: "This is the biscuit." The answer to grandma grandson almost fainted. She quickly went to greet his wife holding grandson 252 hospital. After listening to the 252 Military Hospital emergency department narrative parents take to induce vomiting, detoxification measures and observing see no serious problem after 24 hours, allowing the patient to the hospital.

Medical experts say the electric mat ingredient belongs to pyrethrins, low toxicity. No special antidote poisoning, such symptoms should immediately taken to hospital, symptomatic treatment based on symptoms.

To remind the majority of parents, children curiosity, interested in new things around, so pay special attention to the child's every move. Use mosquito repellent in summer must pay attention to safety, unused mat or mosquito liquid to be placed children can not  biscuit machine touch the heights used mosquito coils should be promptly thrown away, but also to educate their children not to touch the plug in the power supply electric mosquito coils, to avoid accidents.