Biscuit production line

Teach you to do lifelike pumpkin biscuit machine you learn it

  Always fanfare in the days slip away, leaving us is for those who want to do, not to do things a little nostalgia. The biscuit machine are not crackers version, a bit like Margaret feeling to do with it!
Ingredients: Butter 60 g m, 30 g sugar, 60 grams of cooked pumpkin, 1/4 teaspoon salt, corn starch, 40 grams, 70 grams flour, chocolate temperature drops 24, 28 * 28 a square baking pan dish, about 24.
1, according to the material details of electronic scales that good.
2, the pumpkin and cut into small pieces, placed in containers. No water in the microwave oven in high heat 5 minutes.
3, heating pumpkin is soft, placed in labeled mashed cooking machine.
4, room put to Huangyou Song soft-like, into powdered sugar.
5, beat eggs and butter until fluffy hair color lighter, larger volume.
6. Pour pumpkin, continue with Whisk together eggs.
7, low flour, corn starch and sieved to whip together a good butter.
8, the flour shaping.
9, the first 10 g knead dough round in her hand, and then put into a six embossed with a toothpick.
10, with a toothpick standing on both sides of the diagonal, press out the side of the stamp.
11, the pressure pumpkin-shaped biscuit machine, topped with chocolate temperature (lower oven, 160 degrees and bake 20 minutes).