Biscuit production line

Homemade biscuit machine, really beautiful scarf correspondent Kun Li Zhengdong New Mission Ran Li River Elementary School

  My favorite cookies, crackers because not only shape thousands and sweet and delicious, but these cookies are the supermarket to buy it, and if he can personally make, that the more wonderful! This does not, we kids would Reporters group handmade biscuit machine, which really makes me excited.
First Baking teacher gave us a detailed training, perhaps we should wear gloves and masks, one person has been configured dough. Look at all of them have the spirit of full young reporter, brainstorms how to do, what to do modeling. I can not wait to follow the steps the teacher began to do. First, I pat the dough with the palm, and then die on the cute cartoon with a beat, I thought the bread will succeed, but when I take a look at the open mold, all crooked, jointed, some do not forming, it seems not so easy to do delicious of. Later learned that my palm uneven force, put the bread evenly Bohou weight, so print-out cookie mold was nice. Really is practice makes perfect, after repeated practice, a cute cartoon biscuit machine ready.
  Baking teacher made each child is assigned a number of cookies into the oven, and pretty soon fragrant and sweet flavor punch out straight from the oven drilled nostrils, greedy saliva I have three feet long too! The teacher tells us to bake until golden brown surface of the job. Finally baked, take a sip, the taste is really fantastic.
  Nice event, I learned not only to make cookies, but let me know whatever you do is not anxious to seriously to heart.