Biscuit production line

Three cookies unqualified excessive biscuit machine aluminum do more harm than all qualified Qingdao

Shandong Food and Drug Administration in 2014 part of the fourth biscuit machine  installment of food production supervision and sampling food Province, collected a total of 73 manufacturers of 112 batches of biscuits. Reporters learned yesterday, there are three products because residual amounts of aluminum project failed and the "black" list.
biscuit machine
Upon examination, sesame pancakes biscuits Linqing Hongyu Food Co., Zaozhuang City Food Co., Ltd. Yuxiang Wang Wang Shun Shun delicious biscuit and cream biscuit three products containing aluminum residues of the project failed. Green big Affiliated Han Lei, director of nutrition, said excess aluminum is deposited in the brain tissue, it makes people memory loss, mental retardation, slow action, stimulating aging.

Reporter then visited eight Taitung three-way, Ningxia Road, Hong Kong Road supermarket, did not find the products in question in the sales list. In this test, Castle 9 batches of products the two companies are sampling, including the biscuit machine Castle of consumers are familiar with "egg pineapple beans", "biscuits calcium milk" and other products, all qualified.