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American man shout aircraft fear actually lost more than 300 million biscuit machine only a packet of biscuits

Taiwan media said the man, a US citizen,  biscuit machine at 15 minutes after takeoff, the plane row for a packet of biscuits, so the captain made an emergency landing in Northern Ireland, and therefore the flight was delayed nearly 24 hours. The man subsequently prosecuted, also could face up to 35 million pounds (about 3.43 million yuan) fine.
biscuit machine
According to Taiwan's ETTV news June 26 quoted the British media reports, the plane was United Airlines flight (United Airlines) 971 flight, originally scheduled for 21 May from Rome to Chicago, but 15 minutes after takeoff, aged 42 year-old American man Sid (Jeremiah Mathis Thede) suddenly stood up, the flight attendants to eat biscuits, said he did not have to do not to sit down, and finally it arrogant to choke Road, "how much I want to eat (TM) how much to eat. "

It reported that due to the emotional instability of Sid, the machine over the flight attendant repeatedly advised not to hear the captain had already affect flight safety grounds, the aircraft made a forced landing at Belfast International Airport (Belfast International Airport) , but also on board 282 passengers waiting at the airport for nearly 24 hours, was able to take the original flight back to Chicago.

Sid's absurd act so that he faces multiple charges,  biscuit machine he is currently under investigation, according to the Irish Blanco Rennes (Coleraine) where the judge said, "the amount of compensation to be paid Sid, may be up to 300,000 to 350,000 pounds ( £ 1 about 9.79 yuan).