Biscuit production line

People inside the supermarket to buy biscuits biscuit machine unopened now suspected mouse droppings like object

Unopened in a pastry bag with a few grains  biscuit machine of black foreign body suspected mouse droppings. Yesterday, the public Liu reflected to the Chutian Express.
biscuit machine
In March, Mr. Liu bought a bag of cookies Fancheng a supermarket, built 27 small packets. Mr. Liu said, biscuits left 8 package, he found in a pastry bag with a black foreign matter, the naked eye like mouse droppings. For rights needs, Mr. Liu will be foreign material placed in the refrigerator biscuits.

Yesterday morning, the Chutian Express reporter saw: black foreign body 3, was caught in a rice-like unopened packet of biscuits, a very conspicuous.

The supermarket official said, is not criminals, need to be inspected. Municipal Food and Drug Administration to report complaints center Zhang responsible person will contact inspection department as soon as possible, biscuit machineif it is confirmed foreign body is black criminals, would punish businesses and manufacturers to inform the corresponding results.