Biscuit production line

Honey eggs and biscuit machine biscuits expired could eat

You can always find one or two of expired food in the refrigerator,  biscuit machine do not each time only fling? British "Daily Mail" reported that, in fact, some food as long as the attention to methods, still eating expired.
biscuit machine
For example, the high sugar content of honey or jam, sugar in the "protection", the shelf life of food is usually marked on the packaging than the longer; the eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for three to five weeks, even though slightly more than shelf life, too without prejudice used to do sponge cake or soft-boiled eggs, only to cook for a while; milk is best placed inside the refrigerator, not on the door, which can make a long shelf life of more than half of its packaging label. If milk is sour, but also can it be used pancakes; biscuits, potato chips, chocolate so much processed food as high salt or high-sugar, and therefore have a shelf life also can eat pickles and pickle as well.

But we must note that the shelf life of meat over can not eat. In the UK,  biscuit machine expired meat is the main reason causing food poisoning.