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Good for the stomach to eat soda biscuit machine crackers to avoid anti-gastric cold stays

Gastric cancer is more common gastrointestinal cancer, gradually getting younger in recent years,  biscuit machine in fact, the incidence of all cancers, and many factors are related, not overnight become, for better prevention of gastric cancer, here to tell you about stomach cancer is usually what causes? Gastric how diet.

Gastric event, in addition to the possibility of early gastric cancer has a cure, cure for advanced gastric cancer possibility is very small.
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Gastric cancer originated in the gastric epithelium, normal epithelial cells to keep dividing, continuous death, splitting speed and mortality rate was matched, in fact, every cell contains oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, in general, Under proto-oncogene is not expressed, then they will not form cancer cells, but if by the impact of external stimuli or their own factors, such as chronic alcoholism or smoking inspired proto-oncogene, resulting in gastric epithelial cell dysplasia, or have a family genetic history cause long-term damage to the gastric mucosal barrier so that cancer-promoting substances likely to induce cancer stem cell gene expression or gene mutations cause cancer.

Human immune detection system, in the event of gastric cancer cells, the immune system will automatically remove the cancer cells, the body back to normal, but if you feel bad for a long time, it can cause endocrine disorders, leading to immune function, detection of gastric cancer cells a reduced ability to eventually develop gastric cancer.

Stomach cancer is usually what causes it?

First we own factors, immune factors immunocompromised people high incidence of gastric cancer, immune dysfunction may be the body, immune surveillance action on cancer cells decreases, can not be found and removed during cancer cells, there is the family genetic factors. Second, from the environmental point of view, the number of diet gastric cancer in different regions is different, this is due to diet are important factors in gastric cancer, the residents and more countries salt intake is high incidence of gastric cancer, the other moldy foods contain more mycotoxins, eat smoked foods people are likely to get stomach cancer.

Finally, we talk about the most easily overlooked problem is the stomach chronic diseases such as gastritis, these diseases appear to be small initial illness, but if long dead or permanently, in the stimulation of inflammation, cancerous cells are likely to form gastric cancer . So that people have the stomach chronic disease, we must pay attention to it, aggressive treatment of serious consequences prevention and gastric cancer.

Stomach should pay attention to detail

Stomach is a need for long-term adherence to do. The law of life, reduce stress, quit alcohol limit,  biscuit machine not drug abuse, eating street vendors and other healthy lifestyle can play a protective role in the stomach. Experts advise, pay attention to the following details to make the stomach more healthy.

Slowly. Stomach like scraps of food, foreign studies have shown that if every bite of food can chew, hold for a few years, the health status will be significantly better than their peers. It would be best to reach about 30 per port, the help digestion.

Avoid raw, cold bogey, bogey support. Cold food, such as cold drinks, raw vegetables and fruits, will bring cold air into the body, most likely hurt the stomach. Stomach stays fear, hunger meal, full meal it hurt the most. In particular dinner, do not eat too late, do not eat too much, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach.

Usually want some crackers. Crackers can neutralize stomach acid, when not time to eat, eat two crackers both to relieve hunger, but also to prevent acid damage.

Spicy food, drinking a glass of milk to come. Good protective film layer may be formed in the stomach milk, alcohol or spicy food to prevent direct contact with the stomach, play a role in harm reduction.