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How to prevent tooth decay biscuit machine baby teeth biscuits great harm than sugar

In the eyes of many parents, candy for the teeth is the greatest harm, in fact, bread, chocolate, cookies and other sweets for greater harm teeth. These things soft texture, easy to stick to the tooth surface or deposited on the gums, if not promptly clean up, and soon the president plaque.

How to prevent tooth decay baby teeth biscuits great harm than sugar

After the parents give their children to eat these foods,  biscuit machine but also pay attention to timely clean mouth. The easiest way is to rinse the sweets left in the teeth clean out. Chinese mother is always very taboo child sugar, most American mothers at the dentist's behest, will be half an hour after lunch to the children, "sweets time" in this half-hour, the child can freely sugar, carbonated drinks, finished, children brush teeth.
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Research shows that sweets and carbonated drinks will form an acidic environment within half an hour, easy to form cavities, just clean the teeth in half an hour, moderately sweet tooth without problems. Instead, several times a day are eating sweets, eat once a little easier cavities. And from child psychology, proper relaxation of restrictions on the children to eat sweets, but reduce their desire for sweets.

How to prevent baby tooth decay

1, keep the mouth clean, control bacterial growth

Oral unhealthy, is fertile ground for the growth of bacteria, so good oral hygiene is one of the main measures to prevent dental caries in children. Adhere to three meals a day after brushing, which can effectively reduce and control the growth of bacteria. Teenagers do snacking at bedtime, especially sweets, so as not to stick to the teeth carbohydrate fermentation, by pitting of the teeth.

2, to enhance dental training, improve the anti-caries

Fluorine is the body's normal metabolism and promoting a necessary component of a healthy, strong teeth, it plays a major role, can also inhibit the growth of bacteria. Dental fluoride supplement many ways, including the use of fluoride toothpaste is a simple and effective way.

3, changes in diet, controlling carbohydrate intake

Food and more sophisticated, increasing the amount of sugar, such as chocolate, candy, cake and other refined, these soft and sticky food glued to the tooth surface, the cariogenic bacteria provides sufficient "fodder." So, biscuit machine  try to limit the intake of such foods, eat more fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and other foods to promote dental health.