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Popular diet cookies sought biscuit machine expert network lacks nutrition

In order to lose weight, a lot of people leave no stone unturned, to this end, some businesses launched a "diet cookie," like the meal replacement diet food, these foods by the introduction of sought after by the girls. But nutrition experts advise consumers eat such foods bad for our health, but also cause the body nutrition is not balanced.

"Diet cookies" popular network
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Recently, Yanji girl Xiaozhu in line to see a weight loss forum someone said biscuit meal replacement diet weight loss effect is very good, so in Taobao station to buy the so-called "diet cookie." After eating the emergence of anorexia, biscuit machine  thirst and other symptoms. Two weeks later, Xiao Zhu really reduce some weight, but she did not dare to continue to eat, because the fear of long-term consumption of physical harm.

Reporters in Taobao search for "diet cookie," to search 5,000 kinds of commodities, most goods are the name of "nutritional diet", "meal", "no side effects" and other words. Reporters entering a three Crown stores, its propaganda content "sentinel fat burning, overall shaping, lasting effect, refused to rebound," and other slogans, and cited the "Cassia, leaves, L-carnitine, a natural vine in the list of ingredients in cookies The more berries, almonds, oatmeal, rye, olive oil, "and other production materials. Shopkeeper, told reporters that this "diet cookies," the main principle is: will produce satiety, and dry mouth after eating the body and can last not want to eat, just drink. By suppressing appetite to achieve weight loss results. Formulations are natural, the human body without any side effects. While chatting with the store, the reporter found this shop "diet cookie," the recent high volume, even one day actually reached more than 1,000 people.

Reporters in Yanji City, rolled several major supermarket, visiting a lap down and found no "cookie diet" in the sale, the staff are also several supermarkets have said no sales from the "cookie diet", the reporter did not see at the pharmacy "diet cookies" in sight, pharmacy sales staff said, not heard "diet cookie," this diet food. It would appear that such "diet cookies" sales basically only online.

"Effect is not as good publicity."

"At first a little effect, reducing the after effects of too kilograms no." Ms. Xu Yanji City, "said biscuit is not good, itself lacks flavor, texture and taste stiffer." Reporters Log on shopping sites View buyers evaluate a number of shops, found that most buyers has given high praise, but the assessment is limited to the speed of delivery, packaging fine, biscuits taste like, for weight loss cookies, a lot of people said no sellers propaganda effect so ideal.

More gimmick diet cookies

Reporters found that the sale of "diet cookie," a lot more for health food and famous, rather than healthy size. In other words, these claims can lose weight just ordinary food biscuits, rather than through the national health functions certified health drugs. According to state regulations, ordinary food is not declared itself anti-obesity. Reporters check online and found that "diet cookies," added licorice, Roselle, mulberry, polyphenols, lotus leaf, Alisma and some Chinese medicines not apply to everyone, it is not claimed as business as "natural no side effects, "and in the dose of certain requirements. Yanji City, a pharmacy dietitian Huang told reporters: "diet foods now on the market of many species 'diet cookies' principle mostly 'instead of staple food with a low calorie biscuit', although in this way relatively more health, but the effect is difficult to lose weight and drug tablets, slimming tea and other effects comparable. currently the more popular weight loss products are also mainly based on 'clear' main diet concept, and 'diet cookie' is a kind of ' people do not starve 'meal replacement weight loss products, weight loss rate of this product is relatively slow because the food rather than the drug itself. "

Eat can affect nutritional balance

"Diet cookies" really merchants advertised "on behalf of nutritious food" and to lose weight? Huang told reporters that, in her view, eating cookies to lose weight this is undesirable, although biscuit itself no harm, but long-term consumption and as a meal, it will affect their health. Eat less really is a major focus of weight loss, but it does not mean blindly eat in order to lose weight, because the body needs a healthy and reasonable diet,  biscuit machine balanced nutrition, nutrient intake is too small will not only have an impact on health, and it could backfire against lose weight. She said that the right way to lose weight is to adjust the diet should be based on, together with appropriate exercise, therefore, have to lose weight according to their physical condition, reasonable, scientific way to lose weight for the job.