Biscuit production line

More fat is not necessarily a good biscuit machine biscuit cookies

Saltine crackers - high-calorie, low density structure, eating more difficult to detect

And other biscuit is different, saltine crackers biscuit machine are small rice (glutinous rice flour), starch as the main raw material, slightly higher than the refined white flour nutrition. But wafers of very high butter fat content, 60 calories per piece, and low density, enough to eat, so eat more is not easy to detect. In fact, three chocolate waffles heat has more than 200 calories a.
biscuit machine
Sandwich crackers "heart" is additive synthesis, no raw fruit
Sandwich is between two biscuits added sugar, fat or jam sandwich for all major raw material of sandwich baked goods. Sandwich crackers in the "heart" in pursuit of flavor and color additives, generally flavor and color, seldom add any raw fruit, such as orange flavored biscuit, instead of joining orange, but the additives blended into, although the additives do not certainly harmful, but it will not bring nutrition, it may not be good as a simple cookie.

So no matter how delicious cookies are only snacks, but most are dry biscuits, after eating it is prone to have a "hot" (lit) needles. Therefore, in normal life, a variety of sandwich crackers also can go beyond that.

Whole wheat crackers - improved nutrition but also improve the amount of fat

High cellulose content of whole-wheat crackers, because cellulose poor taste, to compensate for the taste, manufacturers tend to add a lot of oil in the cookies, resulting in higher fat content. But if advertised on the packaging so-called whole wheat, oats, rye, corn and other raw materials biscuit, ranked last in the list of ingredients
biscuit machine  several years, it may not be a true grain crackers.

Biscuit - less fat

Biscuit biscuits relative to other less fat. High-grade biscuit pay more eggs and sugar, nutrition has improved, the taste will be better.