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Nicholas selling cookies or to biscuit machine do public donations become a habit

"Nicholas Tse together and do public" project will be officially launched, we have been committed to philanthropy Nicholas hopes to raise the public welfare, so that more children with intellectual disabilities get better help. As involved in film and television, food, fashion, real estate sector, outstanding young business leaders, Nicholas actively involved in the public charities, and has been quietly donated Hope Primary School and help raise poor children. biscuit machine  Following Nicholas Tse in Hong Kong before the front flavor cookies fundraising millions donated to Heep Hong Society, the love and the line chef charity, to raise the public welfare, Nicholas personally developed different flavors Public limited edition Custom Shop love Winnie Feng flavored cookies, caring people to share in return.
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Nicholas believes there is a wide variety of forms of charity implementation: In addition to donations, each person could have done more, but also more creative. Charity from their own side of the little things good. I hope that through their own actions, to encourage more friends to join the ranks of welfare support. Charity is not inherent sense of form, but a real, whatever the action. I hope everyone can find their own form of charity, and to bring more people together to do charity will become a habit.

This time, all the chips on the line of high-profile stars to raise public welfare projects: "Nicholas Tse together and do public service" into the field of public welfare undertakings, and look forward to more special groups, public organizations and other groups or organizations need a helping hand in bringing care and support. As a caring chef, Nicholas Tse also very happy to share with you a delicious, he said: If the food combined with the charity that brings a sense of happiness will be doubled; I think it is very simple to do public service, that is, everyone for others do whatever little things. I'm good at cooking food, I am willing to handmade limited edition Custom Shop Public love the Cubs front flavor cookies to share with a caring person, and I sincerely invite you to join me in helping "Hi foolish child," this special group.

It is understood that on June 1 - June 30, in a 30-day period all the chips, Nicholas Tse will provide customized 888 limited edition box of love Winnie Feng flavor cookies, autographed public service certificate, meeting the interests and other rewards to support the project love chips off, and the public to raise all the money donated to "Amity Foundation" to help mentally disabled groups "hi foolish children" learn baking, so that it can have the skills to achieve delegate to fish. Meanwhile, Nicholas will attend this public service throughout the project on-line activities to raise public and posed for the fans and other interactive and loving friends in July. Amity Foundation was established in April 1985, aims to promote the social development of the cause of education, social welfare, health, community development and environmental protection, disaster management, etc. So far, the project area covering a total of 31 provinces , municipalities and autonomous regions, more than a thousand people benefited.

As a "twelve-feng taste" (online viewing) big chef, Nicholas Tse in May this year launched a detached concocted "front flavor cookies" Cookie materials and the whole system of law arranged by Nicholas, cookies with ups and downs for the concept, launched a new brand of cookies. A box of cookies includes four flavors, like lifestyle in general, it has Nicholas personality characteristics: Sour adding fresh lemon juice, to create a natural, fresh taste; sweet flavor is butter cookies, full of rich milk; bitterness It is used Valrhona dark chocolate from France, bitter sweet, fragrant lips and teeth; spicy dried chili in a collision with cheddar cheese, salty bring out the Sichuan-style flavor. All cookies are made of natural ingredients, hand-made, without any additives and preservatives. Nicholas I hope you get that taste of his exclusive front, so cookies have Tastes, different from the general cookies, the taste is very special, very his personality. Nicholas Tse said: Sharing food, we can also help others, think about full of happiness.

That one with attitude and feelings of cookies, entirely made in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and the mainland release date in front flavor cookies, Nicholas fully support the Heep Hong Society and jointly raise public institutions, through its own brand of cookie sale, were needed care autistic children and children with cerebral palsy to raise money, wholeheartedly support charitable activities. Nicholas Tse said: "They are the future of many children in a family and the city, I hope to be able to do their part to help and raise awareness of this special population this year I finally can use their own interest,  biscuit machine to the kitchen. arts and cuisine to help others, and I hope to have more opportunities to participate in different ways to explain more needy children. "

Raise public welfare through the stars the way, it will open a new cross-border public service model innovation. Whether it is to raise the public or public interest, we are hoping to complete the dream, whereas the public. Public chips combined with public welfare, more power to grow and realize their dreams. In pop star Nicholas Tse raise public image as a public representative, will effectively allow the public are compelling public interest, to promote the public welfare chips into a new era.