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Breakfast should not eat soda biscuit machine crackers and other food

Calorie breakfast supplied 30 percent of total days, this is mainly supplied by the staple food. Lack carbohydrate staple food, can cause malnutrition. To eat some starchy foods, cereals after absorption can quickly break down into glucose, to correct low blood sugar after sleep. But cereals digest quickly, there will be hunger after 2-3 hours,   biscuit machine  so also the right amount of intake of protein and fat-rich foods, such as eggs, meat floss, soy and other foods.

Crackers are not suitable for breakfast
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Crisp crackers, bread and other dry food are not suitable for breakfast, often have difficulty swallowing, dry mouth experience, it is because the experience of the night of consumption, has been inadequate secretion of various digestive juices, this cereal mostly dry food, the lack of high-quality protein only short-term energy supply. Many office workers, due to the tight schedule, often walking, eating breakfast, so that the stomach is not healthy, is not conducive to digestion and suck.

Fritters one week at most once

Overnight vegetables may occur nitrite, extremely detrimental to health, do not regret, adhere to throw away the rest of the leftovers in the refrigerator shelf to be melted down and then heated. Refrigerator is not safe.

In addition, if the milk bar for breakfast refueling is your favorite, it would have to look up. This match less nutrients, and deep-fried, fried, fried food, significantly higher calorie fat, long-term eating the body  biscuit machine   is very negative, so a week of not more than once.