Biscuit production line

Cookies actually a little on the biscuit machine

Recently, the Internet rumors of a hot biscuits a little note on fuel.
Usually eat biscuits turned out to be flammable? Reporters skeptical.
Yesterday, the reporter to buy a variety of different types biscuit machine  of biscuits from the supermarket at different price points, had a "burning test." First, the reporter took a leisure interest biscuit test, a near biscuits lighter, ignited, and the fire is still very great. The second took Oreo chocolate sandwich crackers, although the point about 10 seconds to burn itself out, but the acrid smell of smoke is very strong. Subsequently, the reporter also tested a locally made coconut cakes Zhejiang, only a little on further rises higher, lasted about a minute and a half before slowly extinguished. Then reporters also selected a variety of biscuit test, the results are easy to ignite in the presence of friends have said "In the future do not dare eat biscuits."
biscuit machine
Why flammable cookies? Is our future really can not eat biscuits out?

Masahiro high school chemistry teacher Wang Yung told reporters exchange for biscuits flammable, do not panic. Because cookies are mainly made from flour, sugar and cooking oil three together. Flour is flammable, when the flour particles in the air reaches a certain concentration, it is easy to encounter explosion Mars; and inflammable oil, the higher the oil content of biscuits, the more easily ignited, burn time is longer.

In response, the county People's Hospital of nutrition physician also said that now the biscuit for storage convenience, add more hydrogenated vegetable oils rich in trans fatty acids substance that can interfere with the body's fat metabolism, especially for children causes neurodevelopmental adverse effects, after excessive intake for adults is also easy to induce atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular  biscuit machine   diseases. Dr. Cui proposal eat sparingly such high-sugar high-calorie biscuits, cookies do not as a staple food, sometimes not to save in order to facilitate regular biscuits for breakfast.