Biscuit production line

Hericium Secret biscuit machine biscuits really nourishes it in the

Hericium biscuits, not only the price several times higher, some businesses in the propaganda also append "stomach" effect than regular cookies, biscuit machine market and become a "luxury." But the reporter in an interview that, in fact, it is only a biscuit hericium ordinary biscuits, "gold" and high prices are not commensurate with their constituents.
Biscuit in the "luxury"
"Bought to give as gifts, after all cookies are 'tall', to send out a face!" Yesterday, a middle-aged consumers often pick a side, Mr. hericium biscuit in front of the city, a large supermarket shelves Biscuits while on the reporter said, "and it is said that there is biscuits Hericium stomach effect, can be considered gifts sent to health it!" It is understood that there are a few like-minded consumers. In the reporter the interview process, the majority of consumers have said several times that this price is more upscale than regular cookies Hericium higher biscuits, suitable as gifts. "Ordinary biscuit bag full of just ten dollars, up to twenty pieces, Hericium nearly hundred dollars a box of biscuits." Consumers Ms. Lee said in an interview, "This is regarded as a luxury in a biscuit!" After careful comparison reporter variety hericium learned biscuits on the market price, the class biscuit prices do generally expensive side, the cheapest monkey mushroom saltine crackers are sold for 40 yuan per box.
Gold is not high
Hericium expensive biscuit is not really worth it? In fact, this type of cookie called "stomach" effect is just a propaganda, and there is no "health food" logo and related approval number on biscuit packaging, the product category is the "biscuit", each brand Hericium biscuit production license, production standards are also belong to a class of ordinary biscuits. If there is a little difference, then it is only some biscuits on the packaging indicated Hericium content difference. Reporters visited the market found itself is not what actually Hericium rare ingredients, whether wild or artificial cultivation of Hericium, market prices are not high. It is understood that the market fresh goods, dry goods Hericium wholesale prices were about six seventy to one or two hundred dollars per kilogram, according to the pack of 5% to 10% of the content is generally Hericium biscuits, the overall biscuit The price should not be so expensive.
Tianjin Hospital, director of nutrition Huruo Mei said in an interview, Hericium biscuit itself is just crackers, cookies do not belong to healthy food as snacks between meals if it is occasionally eat two pieces can be, but not as a health food When the drug can not eat more deliberately exaggerating the effect of Hericium biscuit machine is clearly not appropriate.
Industry sources, the price is high but popular hericium biscuits, to some extent, or because the consumer has accepted the so-called stomach efficacy Hericium, Hericium biscuits are high-end products, such as the concept. But a closer look at some of the ingredients list on the packaging of biscuits hericium not difficult to find, ordinary biscuits add a refined vegetable oil, shortening, food flavors, sodium metabisulfite, are also like a lot. Therefore, when consumers buy these cookies should rationally face, do not blindly follow the trend, with "unbiased" look hericium biscuits, no need to think of another job because of their high prices, "a face."