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Austria offers anti vicious dog attack dog biscuits for the postman

May 14      biscuit machine      reported that, as part of the dog very aggressive increase the difficulty of making the e-mail delivery, the Austrian post office postman began providing dog food self-defense.
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According to reports, the postman Austria has begun with the additional parcel delivery mail. This is not due to excessive lead to e-mail, but because some dog aggression is very strong, so that the difficulty of increasing mail delivery, the postman had to bring a bag of dog food self-defense.
It is reported that in 2014 there were 47 from Austria vicious dog bites the postman event. Government policy for the postman to provide dog food that has been in place for two weeks, officials said it would determine whether the policy effective premature. However,   biscuit machine    according to the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation quoted OFR postman Maria Stokes (Maria Stocker) then showed that dog food policy plays a role. Mary said: "These dogs are now relatively tame."
According to NBC News (NBC news) reported that Austria, a dog food factory will annually provide 10 tons of dog food for the local postal service. Post Office spokesman Michael He Mula (Michael Homola) said that in 2014 there were 47 from vicious dog bite cases, each time wounding heavy losses, until now there are many postman own money to buy dog ​​food.