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Kou Kou monkey monkey biscuits and biscuit machine drinks dietetic products help create a healthy new life

Modern society, the pace of life accelerated, doubling the pressure of life, plus regular people food is not bad habits, often cause stomach upset. According to statistics, in China, the incidence of stomach up to 30%, hundreds of millions of people are suffering from stomach problems. Where Helicobacter pylori is the main cause of stomach cancer, stomach cancer, the ratio of infection in the general population as high as 58%. According to some authoritative survey data show that China's stomach crowd of up to 150 million people, especially young people, the incidence of stomach has been rising, 19-year-old to 35-year-old youth cancer incidence has doubled over 30 years ago, stomach It has become a lot of modern "heart disease" plaguing more and more people.

In modern society, there is also a group of people calling themselves "food goods." In the world of food goods, good taste is a great satisfaction that can meet even greater than food goods were concerned about their health. Such as fried chicken, fried chicken's favorite food goods compared to the average person who can ignore the terms more fried food less healthy diet and be satisfied. However, if you eat the goods suffered stomach problems, how to do?

Food goods more than the average person needs to be able to meet the demand for food anywhere stomach, according to the survey, over sixty people there eat biscuits stomach relieve stomach discomfort habit, but now most of the biscuit market in foods are much more than oil LPS-based, can not really meet the real needs of the stomach crowd of consumers.

As the saying goes, stomach to "two-thirds rule, seven support", and therefore stomach during treatment, the daily life of diet to restore essential. Speaking about stomach raw, I must mention one that Hericium, thousands of years ago, the Chinese medicine had affirmed the value Hericium stomach. Ancient Chinese book "Chinese Materia Medica" records, hericium "spleen and stomach, nerves, cancer." The modern research also shows that contribute to stomach hericium biscuit machine  auxiliary control, component of amino acids and polysaccharides Hericium regeneration and repair of gastric mucosa plays an important role, Hericium extract active ingredients can promote inflammation It subsided, inhibiting the growth of H. pylori, long-term use to achieve the effect of prevention and treatment of stomach.
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September 2013, the river Group officially listed Jiang Kou monkey biscuits, innovative way would have the effect of Hericium stomach made biscuits.

The river Group has chosen Hericium Stomach treasures as raw monkey biscuits Regardless, the use of advanced technology to maximize retention of nutritional value and the effect of Hericium stomach and it made into biscuits form convenient for consumers carry and use, to meet the consumer in their daily lives, whether meals or after work can enjoy the stomach needs.

However, regardless of the river monkey biscuit is good, but not every food goods like to eat cookies in front of the diversified market demands, except for the stomach treasures hericium add Regardless monkey biscuits in the river, the river Group through R & D It will also be made Hericium drinks. Listed at the end of 2014, Jiang Kou monkey drinks, is going with the need for stomach, do not like to eat cookies for this part of the consumer demand.

Depth tap the market demand and to take steps to practice, is the river Group to launch fundamental therapeutic product, it is also for therapeutic stomach's insistence, biscuit machine    was to create Chujiang in monkey monkey Kou Kou biscuits and beverages, dietetic products since opened a boost healthy new era!