Biscuit production line

Small sea biscuit mold a biscuit machine kindergarten make breakfast

Haze makes each one of us to pay more attention to health. biscuit machine  So the adults let alone a baby. But it happens people do not send their children seriously. This morning, a kindergarten child sent to a small sea biscuit turned moldy long hair.
biscuit machine
To see such a situation, the parents quickly took over these cookies collect, a closer look at some of these biscuits have long hair, and some have become moldy in appearance, and if you tell me the biscuits to the children to eat disastrous consequences ah.

For kindergarten this argument, parents do not recognize. They say this nursery has been on a variety of problems, especially in children's food has been bad, school teachers also confirmed this view.

Additionally teacher also reflect that as a class they will have 52 large class children, the seriously overweight. Further hardware standards say school is not, for example, go to bed at noon, 52 ya children only 13 beds, each bed to squeeze 4 ya children die, but these days the quilt is a thin layer.

See flowers in our country in the eyes of even the nursery with grass do not like.

To be honest, parents send their children to biscuit machinethe kindergarten hope ya Ya small children can receive good care, the way it can be said to be poles apart. I want to ask: how can such a nursery Enron exist, what its regulatory authorities doing?