Biscuit production line

Biscuit machine are healthy taste good Do not kid yourself it

 biscuit machine
  Lunch time hungry, hungry afternoon biscuit machine tea time, urban office workers are accustomed to eat cookies, crackers are as easy to carry and be respected. Are cookies really advertised as containing such a wealth of nutrition? Alternative staple diet become "artifact" is to a certain extent? Edible sugar cookies it help relieve high blood pressure, coronary heart disease? Public on these issues more or less misunderstood.
Eating cookies to lose weight than to eat whole grains
The so-called cookies etymology is "twice-baked bread", from French-bis (again) and cuit (roasted) in the past. It is made of flour and water or milk, yeast and baked hold, due to its high portability often used as travel, sailing, mountain climbing when storing food.
Associate Professor of Food Science, Nutrition and Food Safety of China Agricultural University, Food Science Dr. FAN Zhi teacher told reporters that cookies are baked out, water can evaporate almost lost the. Up biscuit ingredients are carbohydrates, followed by the fat and protein. Carbohydrate content of between 55% -67% to 60% more. In other words, from the ingredients, they and biscuits machine, pie differences like little food staples, is a sugar + flour + oil produced food products. Therefore, we must reduce the staple food to eat the cookies.