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How to buy biscuits biscuits biscuit machine four major cognitive errors

Sugar Cookies can not reduce fat. Cookies simply that sugar + flour + oil made food products. Sugar cookies Sugar fewer ingredients, the corresponding increases of some low-protein flour or saturated fat to make up for the vacancy. Therefore, the sugar-free cookies does not give consumers more benefits. biscuit machine  In addition, sugar cookies and biscuits calorie sugar on the market and no significant difference, if in order to lose weight while eating sugar cookies not only fail to effect, but also may be counterproductive.
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High sodium soda crackers. Senior nutritionist Xu Jing told reporters, crackers fat content of less traditional sense, and after fermentation, and thus easy to digest, hyperacidity people have certain advantages. But in order to cater to the tastes of consumers now tend soda crackers crisp, high oil content of most products. Moreover, soda crackers to join in the production process, "soda", namely sodium carbonate, soda crackers resulting in higher sodium content. Excessive dietary intake of sodium tends to increase the burden on the kidneys, increase blood pressure. Therefore, patients with hypertension should be careful to eat soda crackers.

Coarse grain crackers high oil content. Grain, beans containing mainly insoluble dietary fiber, rough, bad taste. If you want to achieve a better taste, you need fat to play in it, "lubricating" effect, because the fibers after the suction becomes soft. Therefore, the higher the content of dietary fiber biscuits, generally the higher the fat content. Therefore, even if the benefits of dietary fiber, with too much saturated fat, the benefits would have been flooded. Eat whole grains crackers dietary fiber supplement, much less a bowl of porridge grains results came too.

Cookies may not be true health regimen. Recently, the name of "stomach" banner hericium biscuits sold very fire, Purdue University Department of Food Agricultural and Biological Engineering PhD Clouds noted that, in general, the mushroom itself is a kind of good food, but the monkey head mushroom treatment of stomach, and there is no reliable scientific evidence. In addition, the so-called monkey-head biscuit is declared in accordance with ordinary food, its stomach function already suspected of false propaganda.  biscuit machine Even the addition of Hericium, this biscuit oil, sugar remains high.