Biscuit production line

Australia, New Zealand propolis throat treasure sugar biscuit machine are hot

Original Double Chocolate Dark Chocolate

Specifications: 200g enough to buy Price: 45 yuan

In a lot of friends to share the quote snacks, biscuits TimTam treasure Australia are on the list, "like it, not only because it is dissolved in the mouth insoluble in the hands of pure chocolate taste beautiful style, more like it gives us fresh and interesting eat. "For example, the TimTam bite a small hole at each end, and then the biscuit machine when a straw placed sipping drinks," That can not explain in words only sense the taste! "

Comvita Propolis lozenges


Specifications: 200g enough to buy Price: 145 yuan

Comvita (Comvita) is a well-known brand of active manuka honey products. Comvita New Zealand Propolis lozenges are the most popular natural throat lozenge. Each tablet contains 90 mg of high quality New Zealand manuka honey and propolis (UMF10 +). Each one has its own packaging, clean, compact and easy to carry. Especially recommended to speak to a lot of friends and daily smokers. Children 1 year of age, people with diabetes patients and bee allergy caution.