Biscuit production line

With this method can also be made at home vegetable biscuits machine

   When it comes to handmade biscuit machine, most people would not help and "sweet", "tired" together. The cookies do today is neither sweet nor greasy, and there is a wealth of nutrition. Is a vegetable crackers, vegetables and biscuits? Of course, taste is still quite crisp yet. Not sweet and not greasy, and the smell of onions and carrots. Onions these vegetables, rich flavor, love love, hate, hate. In fact, it is in the Western, is very popular, there are a lot of side dishes in its shadow, put the biscuit in the onion, fragrant flavor also gives it a better taste. Soda crackers similar in approach is very simple, it is worth a try.
  [Vegetables] biscuit
  Ingredients: flour 120g, vegetable oil, 30g, carrot 35g, onion mud 35g, baking soda 1g, yeast powder 1g, white sugar 10g, pepper 1g, 1g of salt
  Oven: temperature of 170 degrees, the time 18 minutes
  1, prepare the necessary ingredients, carrot and onion mud hand crowding, water;
  2, low-gluten flour, sugar, yeast powder, baking soda and mix vegetable oil and mix well;
  3. Add carrot, onion paste, salt and pepper, mixing into the dough;
  4. Cover the dough with plastic wrap to stand for half an hour;
  5, the dough on a panel, with a rolling pin to roll about 0.2cm slices;
  6, and then a small knife grow wide equal parts baking shop greaseproof paper, place in the oven;
  7, with a fork on the surface of the fork uniform holes, after preheating the oven, add to.
  1, carrot and onion with fresh mud carrots and onions, diced children, broke into the cooking machine made;
  2, just to break the carrot and onion mud contains a lot of water, if you do not squeeze the moisture will cause mixing dough is too soft, easy to operate, so crowding, water This step is crucial;
  3, marinated dough stand, is to let the dough relax, refined taste better;
  4, the surface of the fork holes with a fork to prevent cookies drum kits;
  5, to ensure that the end of carrots and onions to dry the moisture, so cookies will crisp taste.
  Original title: [vegetables] biscuit machine set cookies in a nutritious and delicious