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Reporters found that the sale of "diet cookie," a lot more for health food and famous, rather than healthy size. In other words, these claims can lose weight just ordinary food biscuits, rather than through the national health functions certified health drugs. According to state regulations, ordinary food is not declared itself anti-obesity. According to the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine researcher Wujun Yuan introduction, diet cookies added licorice, Roselle, mulberry, polyphenols, lotus leaf, Alisma and some Chinese medicines not apply to everyone, it is not claimed as business as "pure natural no side effects, "and in the dose has strict requirements. Good fast Dispensary Zuozhen doctors Feng Xiang told reporters: "diet foods now on the market many species, mostly diet cookies principle 'with low-calorie crackers instead of staple food', although relatively more health this way , but the effect is difficult to lose weight and drug tablets,   biscuit machine  slimming tea and other effects comparable. currently the more popular weight loss products are also mainly based on 'clear' concept-based diet, and diet cookies is a 'people do not hungry 'meal replacement weight loss products, weight loss rate of this product is relatively slow because the food rather than the drug itself. "

Eat can affect nutritional balance
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"Diet cookies" really merchants advertised "on behalf of nutritious food" and to lose weight? May 3, 2015 morning, the reporter interviewed the Beijing Dongfang Hospital, director of nutrition physician Professor Huang Limin, she told reporters on her watch to, lose weight eating this biscuit is undesirable, although there is no harm biscuit itself, but as a long-term consumption and dinner, it will affect their health. Pipe shut, eat less really is a major focus of weight loss, but does not mean blindly eat to lose weight, because the body needs a healthy and reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, nutrient intake is too small will not only have an impact on health, and it is It may be counterproductive not conducive to weight loss. She said that the right way to lose weight is to adjust the diet should be outside, with proper exercise, so the beauty of the girls to take reasonable based on their physical condition, scientific way to lose weight for the job.

Such famous food ingredient diet cookies contain mostly wheat flour, konjac, etc., from the composition point of view, it does not contain pharmaceutical ingredients, so relatively safe in terms of the relative weight-loss drugs. Food and famous diet cookies diet concept is "filling your stomach largest capacity with the least heat," and also to control your calorie intake by some low-calorie, high-satiety foods, so this type of diet cookies and like a "meal replacement cookies" to themselves. Weight loss goals from the point of view, these cookies have some effect, but the speed is slow, but if you really eat every meal biscuit, before you successfully lose weight,  biscuit machine   I'm afraid of going into the hospital because of malnutrition. We said earlier this feature is the low-calorie cookies, but the body to normal physiological metabolism, itself require the most basic guarantee of heat, which is about 1,000 calories or more, so if you only want to lose, want health, can only daily The biscuit eating dinner, breakfast and lunch to eat a little low in calories, but the water and nutritious food to ensure their own balanced nutrition.