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Fuwa Mouse cake containing lactic biscuit machine acid added biscuit ban

Beijing News (Reporter Liao Ailing intern Songjahak Ying) last week, Hubei, Gansu Food and Drug Administration announced that the latest information on food sampling, "Fuwa" a lactic acid Wonderful cake, "Milky Way" Milky Way Spring Wine a special brew liquor failure .
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In the latest food sampling in Hubei   biscuit machine  Province Food and Drug Administration, because of "Fuwa rice roll" known by consumers of "Fuwa" brand on the list, Fuwa Group Co., Ltd. prison Lifestyle baby food a lactic acid Miu Miu cake (plain) (408g / bag, 20150420) contains "not detected" benzoic acid.

Benzoic acid is a food preservative, but prohibits add biscuits. Benzoic acid in this "Fuwa" cake there 0.10g / kg. Public information, Fuwa Group is the mascot "Fuwa" "marry" the first batch of agricultural industrialization of key state enterprises.

In addition, the Food and Drug Administration announced last week this year, Gansu Province, two sampling, old Chinese "Milky Way" Milky Way a spring liquor brewed liquor alcohol concentration of non-compliance. Tianhe Gansu liquor biscuit machine  predecessor was founded in 1952 in the state-owned Tianshui City Winery, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tianshui Hao Feng Group. Beijing News reporter telephone contact Gansu Tianhe Wine Co., which is responsible for the technical quality of person and I do not know anything about it.