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Yuxin edge of the Red Cross show love action thirty-nine biscuit machine coffee donation 1800000 mushroom monkey biscuits

From love to earthquake relief donations from domestic relief to international support, the Chinese Red Cross since its inception, has always insisted promote humanity, love, dedication, humanitarian assistance has made an important contribution. Among them, "Love Action Yuxin edge of the Red Cross" as one of congenital heart disease in Xinjiang Red Cross    biscuit machine    relief operations, has been the strong support of the community.

Henan Red Cross counterpart support Xinjiang congenital heart disease patients to relaxation therapy

It is reported that, in order to implement the second central Xinjiang work conference spirit, comprehensively strengthen counterparts Yuanjiang work under the new situation, according to Henan Province counterpart support Xinjiang Work Conference and the China Red Cross requirements, combined with practical Hami Red Cross situation, Henan Red Cross launched a three-year counterpart support activities.
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"Yuxin edge of Red Cross and Social Activities" as one of Yuanjiang Henan Red Cross activities, mainly for poor children with congenital heart disease 0-14 years of age Hami region free treatment. This time, a total of 10 children eligible for surgery Hami Provincial Chest Hospital to receive free medical treatment, which is the second in November 2014 the first batch of eight children with congenital heart success in Henan Provincial Chest Hospital to receive free medical treatment of The second rescue operation. It is understood that the first batch of eight children after surgery, has been renewed vitality, quality of life has greatly improved. We also hope that the second batch of 10 children can be reborn through surgery. Henan Province, the Red Cross relief efforts in the Hami region has caused a great response by the local people of all nationalities recognition and support.

Henan Red Cross in response to the call of the community, positive for congenital heart disease in children with warmth

The love activities from the outset by the Henan Provincial Government and the Red Cross of great importance to the community caring society has also done its utmost to contribute to congenital heart disease, and ultimately, making the caring activities smoothly. So far, the operation of the second batch of children with congenital heart disease have a success, but the recovery process is relatively smooth. Recently, part of the leadership of the Red Cross came to Henan Henan Provincial Chest Hospital ward to visit after children,   
biscuit machine     sent them care and warmth. Thereafter, Henan Red Cross is also a strong call for the community to their love for sick children, it has also been a positive response from various social groups and businesses.