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Foshan Gaoming Food and Drug biscuit machine Administration checks a mall selling expired biscuits checked

     District Food and Drug Administration recently held inspectors of Dutch city, Yang and several industrial parks near the mall, farmers market to carry out special inspections of food circulation. Three continents, a mall on biscuit machine suspicion of operating over the shelf life of food has been a criminal investigation.

    Cangjiang Industrial Park III Island Park, Young and the nearby town of Yangmei densely populated industrial areas, over 1.5 million people, the importance of food security is self-evident. This inspection covered seven stores and two parks two farmers' markets, food or holiday promotional large consumption of food is the focus of the inspection object, such as beverages, fruits, alcoholic products and meat.
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    Spot checks by law enforcement officers, a closer look at these stores and farmers' markets if there is more than the shelf life of food, labels and other non-compliance issues, and nearly 30 batches of food tested samples. Through the inspection, law enforcement officers found three continents, a mall allegedly run over the shelf life of food biscuits, has its investigation, made the decision to be the next step.

    District Food and Drug Administration food production and circulation inspection team official said, selling more than the shelf life of food, will be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the existing "Food Safety Law", vary according to the severity of the circumstances, the operators will likely face 2,000 yuan to penalties ranging from 50,000 yuan. He reminded, operators should regularly check whether the sales of food beyond its expiration date, when the purchase should be through formal channels, invoices for cable cards do work, do not lose the greater.

    Meanwhile, law enforcement officers also effectively  biscuit machine will promote education through to the special inspection, the operator will be held this year to promote its Oct. 1 implementation of the new "Food Safety Law" to ensure its future can legally engage in business activities in accordance with regulations to ensure food safety