Biscuit production line

Oreo can play through public biscuit machine suspicion expired food Woon

In June 2015 to buy the biscuits, the production date is written in the words of March that year, printed on the box, but the deadline for activities October 31, 2014 of. This is so that the public can not accept Ms. Shen, "I will not buy expired cookies, but businesses re-called production date?" June 9 afternoon,  biscuit machine Ms. Shen told reporters reflect.

March production of biscuits was printed last October deadline Activities
biscuit machine
Ms. Shen said that special year-old son likes to eat Oreo cookies, almost have to go to the supermarket to buy a box every week. June 3 afternoon, Ms. Shen in Auchan bought a box of Oreo flavor caught in a box inside a total of 10 small, 3 per pack.

"Buy a home child began to eat, eat only three package only to find the problem." June 9 afternoon, Ms. Shen told reporters, June 6 afternoon, the children eating biscuits, she picked up the biscuit box read, found the box there is a negative expression of parent-child activities, activity time is written, "From now until October 31, 2014."

I see this, she hands the child going to the mouth of biscuits wins down. "This year's biscuit boxes as well as last year's event, who knows this is the last year of biscuits is not it?" Ms. Shen said she had to buy things to see the production date of habit, biscuit production date is March 4, 2014, a Look at the warranty period, she would not have to pay attention to other information.

It took only three packets of biscuits Oreo cookies

Boxes, reporters saw that box of biscuits million AIDS entrusted party is food (Beijing) Co., Ltd. On, biscuit boxes really written expression activities paternity deadline for October 31, 2014.

"Now cried every day to eat." Ms. Shen said, the rest of which 3 packet of biscuits, children are still thinking about, and often asked her what time to eat, but she worried expired have been afraid to feed their children.

Business: packaging indeed last year's production of biscuits

Ms. Shen said that problems found in the afternoon, she went to Auchan contact customer service. Supermarket customer service told her that there is a business contact, she can own touch on the packaging. Miss Yu Shichen also the first time to call the customer service hotline on the box, but no one answered. Later She also reflect the supermarket side, the supermarket manager on duty told Ms. Shen, June 8 will give her an answer, but not until the afternoon of June 9, Ms. Shen supermarkets have not received a reply.

June 9 afternoon, the reporter and Ms. Shen together again call the customer service hotline Oreo. Customer service staff, told reporters, family activities on the box look really held, but is now closed. According to customer service personnel, because all the boxes are in advance of production, post-production in the first half of last year, has not run out, so occasionally encountered in this case, Ms. Shen.

"When the packaged product will print the date." Customer service stressed that although biscuit machine  last year's event printed on the box, but there's biscuit production date of the day the product is not the last of expired food. Customer service said, after May 1, 2015 the production of biscuits, has been replaced with a new package.

Although customer service staff have been emphasizing Oreo cookies are not expired products, but Ms. Shen told reporters that she will carefully choose biscuit brand in the future, because in her opinion, Oreo brand is very loud, but it can also make such a error.