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Father's Day Dragon Boat encounter monkey mushroom biscuits biscuit machine and drinks into the new darling of the gift market

Since 2008 Dragon Boat Festival holiday production, the Dragon Boat Festival and Father's Day this year is the first "encounter" of the year, two again, determined to have already begun to prepare children for Father's Day Dragon biscuit machine  Boat Festival (double) gift, is to continue to send traditional dumplings , tea, or a change in taste? This has become a hot topic in recent public mouth.

Double birth "hot gifts", which are the most popular gift
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Dragon Boat encounter Father's Day, two-in-one gift, naturally not just send dumplings so simple. Investigation against double gift show children double gift choice is varied. A few days before the holiday, in addition to dumplings, tea and other traditional gift sales surge, the electronic products, health products, vintages and so become a popular choice nowadays.

In addition, there are some people intend to make good use of the opportunity to meet the double to start a "filial piety Tour" or "Family Fun." A travel agency recently released "2015 Dragon Boat Festival holiday will travel report" shows that 81% of respondents planned to travel or have arranged for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday travel itinerary, which a family outing in the form of "filial piety Tour", family travel accounted for 65.4%.

In addition, most respondents said that as a child, parents greatest wish is good health, since it is a Father's Day gift, of course, health is the first one.

Gifts sent to health, monkey biscuits and drinks mushroom sought after by consumers

When it comes to healthy gifts, consumer is not difficult to think of an array of healthy foods on the market today. The survey found that, with respect to the type of sea cucumbers and other drugs make gifts, consumers prefer more popular tonic type gifts, such as mushroom monkey biscuits and other drinks. It is well known as an edible Hericium precious ingredients with stomach Huwei effect. Numerous clinical applications show hericium treat indigestion, gastric ulcer, gastric inflammation, stomach pain, bloating, and neurasthenia and other diseases. It will Hericium mushroom monkey biscuits into the traditional biscuit, biscuit making monkey mushroom has a stomach Huwei effect.

It is understood that a variety of brands in the market, mushroom monkey biscuits and drinks, coffee show Henan Food Co., Ltd. developed the production of mushroom monkey biscuits and drinks have been sought after by many consumers as the preferred gift double. As the drug industry old Sanjiu Enterprise Group, a subsidiary, Henan thirty-nine coffee Food Co., Ltd. has been insisting to show standard pharmaceutical product research and development production, the production of biscuits and drinks monkey mushroom Hericium content as high as 12 percent, delicious Stomach, cost-effective at a  biscuit machine   high level in similar products, the March coffee show has also become among the most acclaimed R & D monkey mushroom biscuit brand.