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The United States announced a ban on trans fat popcorn biscuits and biscuit machine other 14 kinds of delicious food three years longer

3 years, trans fat will disappear in the United States? US Food and Drug Administration has determined effort to "destroy" these unhealthy additives.
       Local time on June 16, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that within three years will be almost complete ban additives contain trans fats, require domestic food industry has long been regarded as the phasing out of this unhealthy and even deadly food additives.
       However, the US food industry will be affected.  biscuit machine This may not only make a lot of packaging, such as snacks, baked and fried foods and other delicious pastries disappear, but also inevitably force more food to replace the raw materials, bring significant technical and operational challenges for the food industry.
Reduce heart disease and cardiovascular disease
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       Acting FDA Commissioner Oster Love (Stephen Ostroff) said: "We take action on a major source of artificial trans fats, display our commitment to maintaining heart health of all Americans."
       Previously, FDA officials have assessed the implementation of the new measures, such as the United States or to reduce annual prevent 20,000 heart attacks and cardiovascular deaths since 7000.
       From the 1950s, the American food industry to reduce the use of animal products contain saturated fat, trans fat instead. Trans fat from the market, FDA approved procedures were partially protected, but the past 30 years a large number of studies suggest that trans fat intake associated with heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.
       The National Institute for Medical Research (Institute of Medicine) after analysts said the trans fat intake of no safe, because this oil will increase the body's "bad cholesterol" and reduce the "good cholesterol", it has the greatest harm to the human heart , even more than saturated fats can also cause heart disease.
       In 2006, in order to reduce the amount of trans fat, FDA issued food labeling of trans fat content requirements: long per serving of trans fat content of less than 1 gram, can be labeled trans fat content is zero. FDA said the labeling provision allows the food industry to take action to transform many products over the past 10 years, the trans fat consumption greatly reduced 78%.
       In 2013, the Obama administration announced that trans fats can cause serious health risks will increase bad cholesterol, is not a "general deemed safe," the US Department of Agriculture trans fat is removed from the "general deemed safe" foods list.
       Today, FDA still said: "Although the amount of trans fat intake be reduced a lot, but the current intake can still cause concern on public health." Thus, for public health reasons, FDA decided to completely "eliminate" trans fat .
American food industry by the impact of collective petition
       When threats FDA to promote its trans fats, the American food industry claimed that the trace amount of trans fat is safe.
       At present, the food industry giant has teamed elaboration food additive petition asking FDA to allow some use of trans fats, such as: cupcakes, sprinkle some chocolate or sugar pills late on cookies and ice cream.
       Grocery Manufacturers Association (Grocery Manufacturers Association) is the largest food industry trade associations, led by the working group responsible for drafting the petition. Association executives said, the food industry is to collect relevant information, presented scientific evidence that some use is harmless.
       It is reported that the food processing industry and restaurant so will use trans fats, usually to help shape, such as to make baked pastry will not stick to the equipment, extend shelf life, stabilize flavor, color, or enhance the flavor.
       Experts recommend that grocers will produce trans fat vegetable oil instead of hydrogenated oils, such as: coconut oil and palm oil, a small amount of saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat mixed vegetable oil, these oils prolong shelf life and taste both and same trans fats.
       According to FDA regulations, the US food processors will have three years to adjust, "or changing product formulations that are free of partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats), or appeal to the FDA requesting permission to use partially hydrogenated for specific needs oils (trans fats). " And after this transitional period, all human food may not add any additives to produce trans fat, unless FDA approved Huai.
What foods will disappear?
       After complete ban additives contain trans fats, which may disappear delicious?
       American Independent Journal Review finishing the 14 kinds of news sites may disappear delicious:
       1. Reese's Pieces peanut butter and chocolate: This looks like an alien love candy, I am afraid that is no longer an alien familiar taste.
       2. Frozen pizza: Many brands of frozen pizza has trans fat, eat the goods can only say goodbye to frozen pizza, change the name of the pizza delivery.
       3. margarine milk Marlene: This popular margarine full of trans fats, it seems soon waved broke off.
       4. Donuts: Most donuts contain trans fats, but a total ban will not make donuts disappeared, but no longer unique taste.
       5. Coffee Creamer: find on the shelves of many coffee creamer maintain dense thick mellow taste by trans fats. This time they have to find other secret manufacture of concentrated mellow same effects.
       6. cinema popcorn: Cinema popcorn why the universe invincible super good, and now we finally know the reason - the secret is a lot of trans fats.
       7. Breakfast cereals: When you eat breakfast cereals Pao Niunai would never think there trans fats in it, but some brands do have.
       8. Cookies: within including Lizzie cake (Ritz), including popular brand cookies contain trans fats. Biscuits recipe probably have changed all over again.
       9. Fig Newtons Fruit Butter: This afternoon snacks biscuit machine taste of American children will be forever changed.
       10. Fortune Cookies: If fortune cookies disappear, we will never know prophetic note crackers or allowed the inclusion of prospective.
       11. The icing on the cake: When canned frosting no longer contains trans fats, birthday cake what will become of it?
       12. natural fruit chewy wheat Rule: Do not like a bite bar nuts wheat would break a tooth of the people, so that you worry about it.
       13. frozen dough: biscuits, pie and other frozen dough typically contain some level of trans fats.
       14. fast food: onion rings, french fries and many other traditional fast food has trans fat. Burger King could not long have renamed the "cauliflower king" was.