Biscuit production line

Wal-Mart and bought a pack of two packets of biscuits biscuit machine expired without another package of

June 26, I was in Wal-Mart's more urban city square bought some food like biscuits, is "Dennis shortcake", a total of two bags, per package price is about 6.8 yuan. I'll buy back eat, but eat half when suddenly discovered one package is valid until June 23, another package actually no production date. I felt very sick,  biscuit machine so the expired stuff to eat, the stomach feel a little uncomfortable. To this end, the same day I phoned the supermarket, but the staff did not say anything and hung up.
biscuit machine
Noon the next day, I went to their assistance, the situation clear, my requirements are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Food Law", "a lost decade" of less than 500 yuan by 500 yuan compensation to me. But they only promised to pay me 200 yuan. I think it paid no basis, looking for the person responsible for them to reflect, but they have refused.

I think their attitude is poor, and I ask for help soup sister, situation like this should be handled?

Soup sister Survey: according to the situation reflected in the very fact that yesterday Tom sister contacted Wal-Mart informed the city square. The officer said the situation very fact that they have already negotiated deal, and finally lost 300 yuan. As a "date", the main staff did not check good product. The officer said, things have been handled well, so do not need the media intervention.

On this case, yesterday soup sister again contacted Ms. Zhang. Ms. Zhang said that after further consultations, the other side finally agreed to pay $ 300, but she was not very satisfied with this result, she felt that it should be in accordance with the provisions pay 500 yuan.

Payout expired food in the end how? Tang Mei yesterday consulted the City Consumer Protection Committee concerned. The other said, according to relevant regulations, sales of expired food should be based on "a lost decade" of the debts, less than 500 yuan according to 500 yuan compensation. But this premise is paid, the business fraud. Therefore, the burden of proof in this case consumers should have some difficulty. As for Ms. Zhang said, "have to eat," involving personal damages, the burden of proof to be more trouble, you first need to prove that eating bad stomach, and secondly to get sick and eaten prove a causal relationship of biscuits. Therefore, in this case, generally only it suggested the two sides through consultation. Consumer Protection Board official said,  biscuit machine as consumers faced with this thing, it is best to retain the relevant bills, so as to favor rights.