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Problems biscuits machine and red wine in Zhuzhou sale

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  Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision biscuit machine issued a list of 224 batches of substandard imported food. May 12, the reporter visited the city of Zhuzhou imported food point of sale found on the part of the black list of food for sale.
The failure list, there are 48 batches are substandard because of illegal use of substances. From Mexico where "good time" bagged mini chocolate, was found illegal use of chemical substances vitamin E; the Australian production of "IVY cow" milk powder in the elderly, illegal use of chemical substances FOS; Spanish origin. " Mai Linuo "strawberry sandwich biscuit machine, illegal use of chemicals, potassium sorbate. 5 batches "Tita Rose" brand milk acid value from the Czech Republic have been exceeded beyond its expiration date, "Double Joy" whole milk and partly skimmed milk packaging in Germany failed. Fantasy gold sparkling wine and wine Danzon gold from Germany because of "illegal use of gold" is determined to be ineligible.
Reporters visited the city the same day some of the imported food stores, where "Mai Linuo" strawberry sandwich biscuit machine appeared in Park Road, a "Forty Road" Import snack shop, priced at 18 yuan. Sales staff said that this product will be the shelves in the near future. In a hotel Alex Bridge pedestrian street, the reporter found the topmost shelf fantasy gold sparkling wine. Owner said, wine is a friend brought back from abroad, and on the shop consignment, "This is the appearance of high-end wine, the atmosphere on the grade, to more than 1,000 a bottle, ask people find many, but there has been no one buys."