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Eddie Dou group Brothers to biscuit machine teach good shape biscuit recipe

LOS ANGELES, directed by Dante Lam annual blooded blockbuster "breaking wind" will be held Aug. 7 in the major theaters. The film collection of Eddie, Dou Xiao, Choi Siwon, Walter Chan, Andrew Lin such as a public man of God, as well as Wang Luo Dan, Ouyang two actresses Nana. Recently, a group of film exposure highlight Eddie, Dou Xiao "mighty" stills. Especially Eddie dressed in tight white jersey, discovered the perfect "inverted triangle" figure, prompting fans a praise. At the same time, the film had an accident and a lot of riders collective exposure of scenes together, indicating the danger lurking in the bicycle race.

Eddie Dou brothers discovered to carry the car contest "inverted triangle" stature

From the "Jump! A Letter "," battle "," Once Upon a hero has a dream "to" breaking wind ", Eddie is not only making a movie each get a new skill, but also exercise an impressive figure. He has said that he is not an actor by training, but normally like Daniel Day-Lewis learning experience for school performers. Such performers, an actor off screen to maintain a high degree of consistency with the character from the play. So, this time in the movie "breaking wind" of the shooting, in order to perfect starred in a professional cyclist, from March to October crank Eddie has been engaged in ongoing vocational training, not only acquired a par with professional drivers racing skills , also lower extremity exercise was particularly robust. Eddie has repeatedly joked, "breaking wind" crank up after shooting himself Tuicu to not wear pants.

Cycling competition is very dangerous sport, game, between the front and rear tires of each vehicle is less than 10 cm. The fastest speed possible to 80-100 kilometers, easily losing control, fly car carrying the man out. Exposure of a group of film  biscuit machine shooting stills scene of the accident, just confirmed this point. Many drivers have car down people injured, Eddie smashes clothes, mixed with blood and covered with dust. Dou Xiao is multiple abrasions, bloody dip jersey. However, they did not forget the spirit of competitive sports, the outbreak were mighty hand breaking wind potential, despite the sweat and blood, carry the bike sprint to the finish. Viewers have seen the movie, said: "carry the car crossed the line during that play too fired up, Dou real fight ah Eddie Sweat Wet handsome burst, but distressed M God elbow scars.."
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Cycling in racing has a very important significance in the film, they not only did not forget to carry the body when cycling sprint to the finish, when the usual rest, will take a one-handed lift for strength training and cycling competition. Seen from the stills, Eddie wearing a white tank top, tight riding pants, easily with one hand raised cycling, perfect "inverted triangle" body captured the hearts of everyone.

"Breaking wind" discovered "Fortune Cookies Brothers" Secret combinations behind the scenes "sad training"

Shooting "breaking wind" is Eddie, Dou Xiao and other creative first prolonged exposure to a bicycle, talking about cycling, they are love and hate. The film "breaking wind" They endured a lot of pain every day with professional driver training standards, riding on a bicycle three hours. Eddie had mentioned in an interview: "bicycle seat is not hard to endure, it will be very painful hips, but also worn, then they will be red hot, the wound is not particularly easy good.."

According to Eddie said, "We had training in claiming 'fortune cookies team', and even organized a 'fortune cookies brothers' group, the English called Fortune Cookie Brothers, called FCB. We can look fortune cookie shape, we know that we Why so called, because we wear uniforms when there is a place a lot like the shape of. "There is also the" fortune cookies "to protect, to make public key creative bicycle seat can reduce the vulnerability  biscuit machine  of torture. Turning to the movie shooting experience, Eddie said: "take the time, although hard, but I feel very enjoyable, a kind of whole body boiling feeling, the whole state is very young, very excited."