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Jiang Kou monkey biscuits stomach biscuit machine after saying no period

Stomach "thirds rule, seven support" diet help control stomach,  biscuit machine regular consumption of yam, etc. Hericium Medicinal and Edible food, very helpful for the stomach. But in fact, very busy life and work, the need for cooked food, it is difficult to do regular consumption. The river group driven by innovation, to meet market demand, the timely introduction of the one that is both easy to eat, but also has stomach effects of food - Jiang Kou monkey biscuits.
biscuit machine
Regardless monkey biscuits made by the monkey-head, according to "Chinese Materia Medica", "National Chinese herbal medicine", "Encyclopedia of China" and other classics records, Hericium stomach with good effect, long-term consumption, can be a good bring eliminate stomach discomfort. The modern medical research also shows that Hericium can be effectively suppressed "stomach killer" of Helicobacter pylori to prevent gastritis, ulcers and even stomach cancer. The current "People's Republic of China Ministry of Health, Drug Standards," also clearly written: "monkey mushroom Hericium piece made by processing with stomach and the effect for gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis treatment. "

Jiang Kou monkey biscuits since listing, has been a warm response, it has been widely recognized by consumers.

In the accelerating pace of life, stomach become mass diseases, "small time",  biscuit machine Jiang Kou arrival monkey biscuits, just so that consumers together with it, to say "no period after" the stomach.