Biscuit production line

Evaluation of ultra soft son a biscuit machine cookie oat cookies

But it is said to get on Recipezaar five-star score,

Popularity is evident.
biscuit machine
Can not imagine such a high evaluation in the end what flavor cookies,biscuit machine

Do this by curiosity cookies,

How do you say?

Very soft and have a little texture,

Probably because the relationship oats.

It is a bit beyond imagination.

Very special.

But I think this is really too sweet biscuits,

Empty stuttering will not stand,

Only as an afternoon snack,

With some tea, coffee and the like,

That was great.

And a variety of recipe ingredients well integrated together,

Dried fruits and nuts to join rich mouthfeel,

Plus thick coarse texture,

It gives a very family flavor.

This is not always feel fine but delicious things arebiscuit machine made out of mother or grandmother.